Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Tuesday, August 4, 2010

Today not so good.  Meals good.  Cookies in between meals not so much!  Really need my meeting tomorrow!

The stress of moving overseas in 6 weeks is really hitting me.  I have TONS to finish at work which takes priority over everything else at the moment, but the stress it's giving me is causing me to eat!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Breakfast (6:30 am):
     Protein Smoothie (see previous food logs for info)

Woke up super early because I couldn't sleep.  Decided to get up though I eventually went back to bed.

Morning Pills (9:00 am):

Morning Snack (10:00 am):
     Light String Cheese
     100 Calorie Bag of Nuts

Slip Up (11:00 am):
     1/4 of a Chocolate Chip Cookie

Lunch (12:00 pm):
     1/2 Grilled Chicken Breast topped with Gouda Cheese
     6 Sweet Potato Fries

Afternoon Snack (2:30 pm):
     4 Sugar Free Fudge Dipped Mint Cookies

Afternoon Pills (3:30 pm):

Very antsy and snacky today.  Just trying to stay calm and not let my being tired and stressed get the best of me.

Slip Up (5:00 pm):
     1/4 Chocolate Chip Cookie
     1/4 Sugar Cookie

Dinner (6:30 pm):
     Pork Roast
     Julienne Potatoes

Evening Snack (8:15 pm):
     Skinny Cow Ice Cream Cone

Need to get myself more centered!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Monday, August 2, 2010

Morning Pills (8:00 am):
     B12 Sublingual

Breakfast (9:00 am):
     Protein Smoothie made with:
        10 oz. Tropical Blend Diet V8 Splash
        1 scoop of Vanilla Max Protein
        2 tsp. Fiber Supplement
        1/2 Goya Fruta Mango Fruit Pulp
        Frozen Peaches & Strawberries

Slip Up (9:15 am):
     1/4 Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie

My absolute favorite cookie flavor at work is this cookie.  It is a seasonal flavor so it is only around for 3 months.  Today the receptionist decided to put them out as samples and when I walked by this morning I just took one without even really thinking.  Thankfully it shook me back to reality and I have resisted the urge every other time I've walked by today.  I am praying for strength to resist the rest of the day.

Physical Activity (11:30 am):
     Swam 26 laps (650 yards) in 30 minutes

Lunch (1:30 pm):
     1 Hard Boiled Egg
     Chicken & Couscous Salad

Afternoon Snack (4:00 pm):
     4 Murray's Sugar Free Fudge Dipped Mint Cookies

Slip Up (4:25 pm):
     1/4 Chocolate Peanut Butter Chip Cookie

Grabbed another piece on my way out the door.  Grrrr.

Dinner (6:30 pm):
     5 small Meatballs
     Slice of Light Provolone Cheese
     Sprinkle of Parmesan Cheese

Evening Snack (7:15 pm):
     3/4 of a regular Gelati from Rita's made with
        Sugar-Free Citrus Green Tea Italian Ice
        Slenderita Custard

I should have stopped at like half way through the Gelati as I ended up feeling way uncomfortable and bloated when I finally slowed down and realized I was past full.  Just a reminder I need to S.L.O.W. down when I eat.

Physical Activity:
     Walked 1.7 Miles

After taking my nieces to Rita's, they didn't want to go home yet so we walked around downtown.  I was glad to do it as I was totally uncomfortable after eating too much and could use the movement and it hasn't been unbelievably hot lately which is great.

Spiritual/Mental/Emotional Work:
     Spending time with my nieces is always good for me mentally and emotionally!
     Oh and getting my registration information and official loan confirmation for school was also great emotionally and mentally.

Fluids for the Day:
     20 oz. Protein Smoothie
     20 oz. SoBe Lifewater Black & Blue Berry
     20 oz. Water

Evening Vitamins:

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Morning Pills (9:15 am):

Breakfast (9:30 am):
     Protein Smoothie made with:
        8 oz. Berry Blend Diet V8 Splash
        1 scoop of vanilla Max Protein
        2 tsp. Fiber Supplement
        1/4 cup Frozen Blueberries
        1/2 cup Frozen Peaches
        3/4 cup Frozen Strawberries

Lunch (12:45 pm):
     1/3 cup Crab Dip mixed with 1/4 cup Shredded Chicken
     2 LaTortilla Factory Smart & Delicious Garlic & Herb Tortillas brushed with Olive Oil & sprinkled with Old Bay and baked in the oven for 12 minutes at 375

There was a little crab dip left over from yesterday so I decided to make it even more protein rich by adding the tiny bit of left over chicken we had from another meal.  I was trying to figure out what to dip in it as I didn't want carb rich bread or even the pita chips we have.  I decided to try baking some tortilla pieces in the oven until crispy and it worked perfectly!  With all the fiber, 2 tortillas are only 6 net carbs!  Not to mention 10 grams of protein, just in the chips! 

If you decide to try this at home, the tortillas need to get rather dark to be crispy.  I tasted one that was golden brown after about 7 minutes and it had some chewy spots.  The Old Bay added a nice flavor and worked well with the herbs already baked into the tortillas.  This is definitely a trick I WILL be trying again!

Physical Activity (2:30 pm):
     Walked to and from the store (total of 1+ miles)

Afternoon Snack (5:00 pm):
     4 medium Strawberries
     12 small Wheat Crackers

I went to a neighbors for appetizers and unfortunately, none of the snacks were very protein rich.  I wanted to take something bariatric friendly so I tried making some Lemon Glazed Shortbread from Bariatric Eating but they turned out AWFUL!  They never baked in the oven but rather boiled!  I followed the directions exactly so I don't know what happened.  I was irritated as I wasted so much time, energy, and expensive and hard to come by (have to be ordered) ingredients. It actually put me in sort of a fowl mood for the rest of the evening.

Dinner (7:00 pm):
     Plain Thomas' Bagel Thin
     2 tbsp Light Cream Cheese

Not the most bariatric friendly meal I know but not every day can be perfect!

Evening Snack (8:30 pm):
     Chewy Chocolate Chip Pure Protein Bar

Since my dinner had barely any protein, I decided a protein bar was in order before I retire for the night.

Evening Pills (when I go to bed):

Spiritual/Emotional/Mental Work for the Day:
     Not much, though I did spend an hour or more reading for pleasure this morning which was quite nice.  None of the reading was OA or WLS related but it was UK related which, at the moment, is just as important for me mentally.

Fluids for the Day:
     20 oz. Protein Smoothie
     47 oz. Water